Our Services

  • As estheticians, our focus is on a person's skin. You  might say that it's not actually about the color of someone's skin, it's about the condition of their skin. 

    Listed below are the main categories of services we offer. Click on the "Learn more..." link in red and you'll find yourself on a new page filled with images, videos and wealth of detailed information describing the particular treatments in that category and the value each treatment may have for you.

  • Skin Care

    We offer a full range of skin treatments using specialized products and equipment along with educational tips that help rejeuvenate the skin, clear up blemishes and hinder imflamations. These treatments include the basic back facial, hand and foot treatments, tatoo brightening, back acne ("bacne"), stray and ingrown hairs, stretchmarks, scaring, and hyper- and hypo-pigmentation.
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  • Make-Up

    Look your best at all times with the highest quality skin-nurturing makeup. Learn how to simplifly your make-up bag, enrich your color palette, and discover how the unique formulation of our make-up lines can best match the tone of you skin, regardless of ethnicity or skin condition. We're experienced in make-up for weddings, working with actors and models onsite and at professonal film and television studios, as well as make-up for everyday purposes.
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  • Facial Care

    We combine a spa-like holistic approach with clinical procedures to cleanse, purify and beautify the face, neck and decloté. We perform a wide range of custom tailored facials (mini-facials; detoxifying facials; anti-aging facials; special-ingredient facials that use emulsifiers infused with custom blends of herbs or anti-oxidents; hydrating facials that moisturize; pore-refining facials; exfoliating facials; maintenance facials; aromatherapy/pressure--point facials; and more). This wonderful variety of facials offers our clients many techniques, that when employed properly, can improve the health and beauty of their skin.
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  • Hair Removal

    Have unwanted hair removed from anywhere on your body using wax — or have you been sugared yet? "Sugaring" is now the first choice of consumers for an all-natural, safe and effective treatment to eliminate hair, manage hair, or to have a program leading to the permanent loss of hair.
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  • Brow Contouring

    Brow contouring is the removal of unwanted hair from around the perimeter of one’s eyebrow to achieve a more balanced facial appearance. Different than the ordinary brow waxing, our technique combines the ancient art of Chinese Face Reading with modern, Western methodologies.
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  • All-Natural Spray Tanning

    Our all-natural spray tanning process provides safety from the sun's ultraviolet rays, contains no toxic ingredients or alcohol, and works with your skin's melanin to create many shades of bronze for a more beautiful, natural looking tan in minutes that lasts seven to ten days. Our professional tanning equipment is superbly engineered to achieve the most evenly applied spray possible. This procedure can be administered in our private, relaxing environment or in the comfort of your own home.

  • Eye Lash Enhancements

    Long and luxuious lashes are often consided the most desirable of beauty enhancements. Visage-Nico understands the art of creating natural looking lashes and offers many options to suit the individual's appearance, life-style and eye sensitivity. Due to the delicate nature of the eyes, we also use hypo-allergenic lash materials. Because every one's eyes are different and there are a number of methods for extending lashes, our trained lash technicians inform our clients of the best options available. 
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  • Customized Chemical Peels

    Following a consultation, we specialize in clinical corrective skin care procedures for those suffering from skin disorders such as pigementation issues, rosacea, acne, wrinkles, scaring, melasma (pregnancy mask), and many more. To accomplish this we use a wide range of custom blended chemical formulas. Although we specialize in ethnic skin care, we can work with many skin types, skin  colors and skin sensitivies. With this procedure, we can serve Spanish speakers.
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  • Reflexology

    Reflexology is based on techniques used in ancient times from both old world and new. Its foundation is a holistic-healing method empowering the body and mind to heal through stimulation of the reflexes found in feet, hands and face. This deeply relaxing treatment stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic systems and releases blockages in the flow of energy, improving the quality of care in individuals.

  • Oncology Aesthetics

    This progam is for patients undergoing or who have undergone oncology (cancer) treatments such as chemotherapy, medication, or radiation. These relaxing procedures work with the body's natural healing systems such as Reiki and they include skin care treatments along with a little extra TLC.
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