More about Skin Care

  • When people think about the human body as being "beautiful" or "handsome," images of ideally shaped, nude or semi-nude humans come to mind — and these ideal figures all have smooth, flawless skin.

    And that's one the highest aims of aestheticians, to assure that their clients have the healthiest, most beautiful skin possible. To do this well, we at Visage-Nico are always looking for the most effective products, actively staying on top of the latest procedures, maintaining the best practices and always searching for individual solutions able to resolve each of our client's unique skin care needs.

    Typically, we tend to think of our skin as being simply a single, protective sheath that covers our body. However; the truth is that our skin is a complex organ of many layers comprising various types of cells that perform a wide range of tasks. This includes keeping the skin flexible but durable, moist enough to keep us cool, but not so moist as to encourage disease. and they ward of infections yet do so relatively quickly so we remain attractive to others.

Nicolle's Thoughts

The most beatuful of dresses allow for spacious open backs, low necklines, sleeveless tops — all proof that it's not the dress that is the appeal, it's the wearer's skin that's most important.