More about Lash Extensions

  • They say the eyes are the "windows to one's soul." With this thought in mind, it's easy to see why eyelashes extentions are one of the most popular and effective enhancements one can do to improve their appearance and relationships.

  • Fundamentally, this is a relatively painless process. As this processs concerns one of the most sensitve areas of the face, it's always best to have a properly licensed aesthetician, like Visage-Nico, perform the prodecure.

  • Of course, one of the first things we do is to ask you a few questions to determine which lash manufacturer's lash system is best for your particular appearance, skin type, eye sensativity and finances. This informs us as to which available products offer you the best freatures such as color, length, type of adhesive, etc.

  • To more fully understand the procedure, watch this video made by Visage-Nico.

  • See video