More about Chemical Peels

  • A popular stereotypical image of the movie starlet in a towel with a green paste over her face and slices of cucumber over her eyes has created the belief that chemical peels are something you do from time to time on a whim or on a three-day beauty vacation at a Beverly Hills spa. However, to be effective, chemical peels must actually be administered as regimen of treatments in a total program.

    As peels are essentially chemistry designed to gently affect the layers of the skin, your skin must first be prepared to accept these treatments. Skin sensitivities can vary from individual to individual. Because of this, working with a properly trained and licensed aesthetician is important. We at Visage-Nico are skilled in identifying the key individual characteristics of your type of skin and then planning a regiment designed to offer you the best results with the greatest of comfort and ease.







Nicolle's Thoughts

I'm alway testing products to see how well they work for me. When I discover a product I like, I make the effort to get to know the people who produce it in order to better understand how they feel about their overall goals for their company and how dedicated they are at providing a level of support for those who use and recommend their products.