More about Hair Removal

  • A 22-week old baby has 5 million hair follicles ready to grow hair. This will be the most hairs any of will ever have because no new follicles are added as we continue to age. Of course, there are many of these hairs that, at some time in our life, we will decide to shave, pull or remove.

    As hairs are designed to protect us from the elements like sunlight, rain, the cold, and abrasions, they are strongly anchored within our skin in order to endure. And as we all know, hairs are linked to the nervous system. For animals like dogs, cats, rodents, and horses, for example, their chin and snout hairs serve as sensors to warn them when they're about to bump into something like a bush limb or that their big snout is actually in the food dish. For us, such hairs are not really useful and if they are unsightly, we'd like them removed.

    Hair removal, then, has become a necessity for humans and the favored methods are those that cause the least pain! Shaving is one of the most popular methods because it's one of the least painful methods. However, it does have some downsides. It can become visible only hours after shaving and leave cuts particularly in areas where the skin is bumpy, wrinkled and particularly long or curly. Shaving has also been associated with infections and irritating abraded areas.

    We at Visage-Nico can help you with some tips for shaving so that you can avoid rashes on sensitive skin and other negatives associated with shaving.

    A second method of removing hair is to pull it out. This when you need to know a good asthetician. The two major techniques are "waxing" and "sugaring." Waxing is essentially a material that's applied warm. When it cools it stiffens around the hairs and makes it easy to pull the hair out with a yank on the wax.

    We at Visage-Nico prefer and recommend "sugaring," where the material is a soft, sticky wad of honey and other natural ingrediants that can be continually kneaded and shaped to fit the area to be treated. The flexibility of the sugary wad allows the aesthetician to pull in quickly in many small areas and to move rapidly across the treatment area with the least amount of pain. A further sef of benefits is that the aesthetician can roll and then tug the hairs at the angle best suited to hair follicles postion within the skin and remove the hair more completely and thereby eventually eliminate or restrict future hair growth.

    Another advantage of sugaring is shown below: brightening tatoos!

  • Here you can see the sugaring gel-like material in the upper right being maniputaled accross a persons tatooed torso. The method is ideal because it removes both hairs and the dead, dry outer skin that causes tatoos to appear faded and dull.

Nicolle's Thoughts

I'm always very pleased with the wonderful results my clients experience with sugaring. It's one of those timeless, natural methods that dates back to the Romans. I feel like a painter or sculptor because it seems like I'm making a surface more attractive by just a wave of my hand.