More about Make-up

  • Make-up is a form of art. As a painter arranges paint on a canvass to contol the reflection of light off its surface, the make-up artist arranges powders and pencil markings to improve the way the light reflects off the subject's skin. A little shadowing can create the illusion of depth around the eyes while a touch of light powder can make facial lines fade away.

    Nicolle is an experienced make-up artist who is called upon regularly by professional photographers, wedding planners and media directors for enhancing the appearance of brides, models for magazine, video, and advertising promotions. Here you see her pictured with models from a number of her magazine sessions and above in images from an audio-video recording session.

  • Here Nicolle adds make-up touches to the model whose image taken that day was reproduced later in Free Surf magazine (center, background).

  • Nicolle applies make-up on model for a photo session in front of the aircraft carrier Midway in San Diego's harbor area. Nicolle was also on location creating make-up for the same model for this California Girl article that was taken in the California desert.

Nicolle's Thoughts

I love doing make-up! It brings out the artitst in me. I believe weddings are the most challenging — everything has to be perfect — but that's what makes them so rewarding.