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  • Visage-Nico takes great care when selecting products to be used by our clients. Our priorities are: product effectiveness, safety of the product and the procedures required for its use, all-natural ingrediants of the product and is it an ethical to use the product (ingrediants are bad for the environment, testing used animals, etc.). The list below is a guide to our most of the products and tools we use. Recently updated or discontinued products and newly released products may not be shown.

    We recommend and offer treatments using over 60 products. To review these products, we have broken the list into four categories: Skin Care, Body Care, Make-Up, and Tools/Essentials. You can use the links below to access these products.
  • • Skin Care Products
  • • Body Care Products
  • • Make-Up Products
  • • Tools — brushes, kits, etc.


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