More about our owner Nicolle Branning

  • Opening Visage-Nico a few years ago was the fulfillment of a life-long destiny for me.

    I was raised in a natural setting, living next to Joshua Tree National Park. Here, it became clear that nature may be beautiful to the eye but it can also be challenging to the body. My father, a botanist, certified landscaper and owner of a plant nursery business, has always been a sincere, service-oriented man who loved nature — it’s beauty and all its creatures, plant and animal. My mother, a cosmetologist, exemplified all things beautiful. You could see this in her overall poise, graceful attitude and in her professional desire to make others attractive.

    Their influence upon my tastes and goals can be seen today. I knew from being at my father’s nursery everyday that various plants had healing properties. So, it was understandable why I was always experimenting on friends with natural approaches to alleviating skin irritations and abrasions.

    My mother enrolled me in the Barbizon School of Modeling in my teenage years so that I could develop a sense of poise and grace. As fortune would have it, I soon found myself signed with a modeling agency as a teen model for photographers. A fews years later, this experience led to my interest in being on the other end of the lens as a photographer.  

    At the end of my high school years and for a few years after, I had the opportunity to travel and live in Hawaii, Costa Rica, Europe and later, as a working photographer, to travel throughout a number of states across the nation. Here I began noticing the wide range of skin types and how various environments can have a negative affect upon them.

    Now that you have some understanding of my background, you can begin to imagine my excitement upon graduating from aesthetician training and why helping others with skin care treatments is so rewarding for me. Like my father, I seek to apply the best practices and use all my expertise in a detailed, well worked out manner. Like my mother, I want my clients to enjoy the rewards of looking their very best.

    Today, I hold nine licenses and certificates in all facets of the treatment of skin and in the performance of make-up services.

    As my mother passed away from cancer when I was a teenager, I have come to develop a keen interest in oncology aesthetics. I participate regularly as a certified Trainer/Educator with the American Cancer Society and teach the “Look Good Feel Better” program for women at Scripps Green Hospital and Scripps memorial Hospital in La Jolla. In addition, I am a volunteer board member/photographer for the City of Hope’s Women’s Council that is dedicated to conducting innovative research for cancer cures/HIV/Diabetes and other successful healing therapies for the body.

    At Visage-Nico, I have placed an emphasis on “All-Natural” treatments and products. Natural products heal similarly to the skin’s own way of working. They absorb into the skin better than man-made chemicals, act in concert with the skin’s chemistry to make change, and are more sophisticated in their chemical structure and thereby provide subtle benefits such as “a glow” to the skin or tangible qualities such as improved “skin resilience.” And they are far less likely to stimulate a reaction by your skin, and if so, it most likely won’t be nearly as severe.

    Now that you know a little more about me and Visage-Nico, I invite you to call and give us an opportunity to prove how we can assist you…